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Use at importing the 7 big knowledge that declare at customs
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The entrance declares at customs the entrance that cent is imported for general commerce and should enter makings treatment business these two kinds of means.

Say general commerce is imported above all. General commerce is imported, want to define payment above all, be T/T, still be L/C, if be L/C, that is about to open card first, after waiting for L/C, fix the sailing date of the entrance, after waiting for a boat to arrive. Begin to have the operation of the entrance.

1. is the bill of lading that should get foreign client above all, bill, case is simple, if be the word that imports goods from Korea and Japan, still must want to blame woodiness packs a proof.

2. wants that bill of lading to change sheet to ship company above all, take bill of lading to change this to approve the sheet of pick up the goods of goods from ship company namely, namely manifest. The detailed boat Wu information that there is your company to import goods above.

3. needs to do the import thing of trade supervision ahead of schedule, do trade supervision to the Commodity Inspection Bureau even, change sheet and trade supervision to should undertake ahead of schedule actually. If the goods of the entrance does not need trade supervision, that need not. You let the goods need trade supervision that actually you import your goods generation helps you look up knew, OK also oneself are checked, carry commodity code book.

4. after changing sheet, if see on need,also have trade supervision, that fills good entrance customs declaration to give goods generation to undertake declaring at customs, declare at customs the data that place should use is: The sheet of sheet of bill, box, pick up the goods that changes from ship company, declare at customs customs declaration of a power of attorney, import content, if need trade supervision still have trade supervision card.

Import of 5. general commerce should hand in those who import custom duty, so, know the strength that close to accelerate an entrance, had better be the check that opens one dehisce head, (The finance affairs that does not cross this kind of means to do a business won't agree) after waiting for custom to make pay money book, be about spending bill. Import what goods gives custom to who close to want to be handed in with check commonly. Meeting custom duty is commonly to the Bank of China, wait after meeting custom duty, silver-colored guild is to you above pay money book the rule that builds a bank.

6. gives goods generation the book that make a money, after letting, connect to custom by goods generation close discharged. This is discharged that says commonly.

7. custom receives the discharged order that custom of indenture upper cover is lifting after custom duty, obtaining the dock pick up the goods that sheet of this pick up the goods is in to ship company. (This is 2 discharged that say commonly)
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