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Use at importing the 7 big knowledge that declare at customs
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Enter makings the entrance of improvement trade, its general program is similar. What differ exclusively is to want to do manual first. (Be free about the conduction of manual theme of again additional monarch) cent expects to enter treatment manual and supplied materials machine manual. The manual of improvement trade should be used when declaring at customs, plus general commerce a few requires data undertake declaring at customs.

It is capture custom duty again, because have manual, so if the goods of your entrance is duty-free, pay earnest money, have a plenty of need pay sum namely the bail of 100% , some capture 100 yuan bail. All entrances above your manual such as these bail expect exit finished product gives a nucleus, that is about cancel after verification, cancel after verification was over the bail of your capture is met a minute of not little return gives you. The operating sequence of the custom duty that meets with general commerce place is same. Just one is custom duty, one is bail.

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