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Declare at customs intellectual code watch
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A. Declare at customs conditional code watch

Declare at customs the condition declares at customs certificate name

Trade of the member that 1 import licence includes classics trade department, content to send, provincial classics appoint hair card

Department of 4 classics trade exports licence

5 specially appointed member export license

Trade of 6 provincial classics appoint export license

Imports and exports of 7 specific merchandise registers a proof

8 prohibit exporting goods

9 mechanical and electrical products import quota proof

A imports trade supervision to prove

B exports trade supervision to prove

C uses card of plant quarantine discharged

D medicine acceptance label

E food imports check test and verify

Imports and exports of F endangered species allows evidence

G passivity exports quota card

H cultural relic exports certificate

Who makes exits and entrance of I spirit medicaments card

Who does J bullion product export to make card

Imports and exports of medicine of gun of K blame military affairs is approved

L is not had appoint do radio equipment to enter close examine batch

Import licence of M confidential machine

N mechanical and electrical products imports a proof

Registration form of mouth of manage of O mechanical and electrical products

P imports trash to approve letter

Entrance of R animal drug approves letter

S unites management importer to taste

Management of T whole nation exports card of discharged of dish of fruit of HongKong and Macow

U Guangdong management exports card of discharged of dish of fruit of HongKong and Macow

V has requisition of discharged of poisonous chemical imports and exports

Imports and exports of W anaesthetic medicines and chemical reagents allows card

Environment of X toxic chemical manages discharged requisition

Z sound imports management to permit a proof like goods
Trade of N country classics appoint the entrance registers a proof

B. Trade pattern code is expressed

Full name of code of pattern of trade of abbreviation of code of pattern of trade of trade pattern code

0110 general commerce are general commerce

0130 barter barter

Treatment of supplied materials of treatment of 0214 supplied materials assembles commerce entrance to expect reach treatment to export goods

0243 supplied materials machine finished product be entered in order to produce a top with producing a top to enter supplied materials

0245 supplied materials expect a makings of treatment of supplied materials of sale in domestic market turn sale in domestic market
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