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The choice declares at customs the 3 gist element of travel
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Importer first time chooses declare at customs when go or reconsidering the relationship that has established between them, can ask normally: Besides charge, what respect should still note? Generally speaking, 3 respects need a consideration.

One, declare at customs the knowledge that whether has the industry Qing Dynasty that is engaged in for you to close all right and experience, the service that to what kind of resource is you can he collect?

2, declare at customs go in its the expression of performance of in-house professional work, employee and client contact respect how?

3, declare at customs is the relation of travel and custom firm? Especially whether does he accord with custom to go to declaring at customs all requirements that business raises?

One, knowledge and experience

Declare at customs a whether direct agency does the goods that crosses your place to pursue a trade classify the job? If your product needs special document (if prohibit importing dress again the file) of have a change of luck, declare at customs row whether can successful satisfaction these demand? Declare at customs whether had accepted adequate training all right contented and complex the requirement that reviews record of make allowance for? Declare at customs travel and storage, carry the business relation that sheds the company related the service with etc and content how? Declare at customs the ability that handles many haven business all right how? The working quality of the employee that responsible client works how? How long to have from job time? Declare at customs row whether the successful example that provides the importer with similar case?

2, in-house professional work and of client contact circumstance

Declare at customs have nowhere all right does manage declare at customs the policy of business and solid Wu manual? Declare at customs if where manages,declare at customs all right record demand? Declare at customs the member declare at customs that whether deployed an above to every client all right? If the importer in the process closes to lack in Qing Dynasty,enter Guan Wen decisively, declare at customs what kind of policy handle matters does guild press? Whether does the member that declare at customs enquire more information when making a decision, still make a decision according to there is a file only?

3, custom requirement

Is what content man-hour of the member that grooming has related to custom general affairs? Who is offerred groom, is schedule what kind of? Declare at customs the audit that whether has accepted custom all right? If had been accepted, result how? Declare at customs whether had accepted punishment all right, the regulation of what type be if had accepted those who disobey,? Declare at customs the relation of travel and local custom officer how? Declare at customs set in executive custom all right, make is engaged in collaboration, correctly be being anounced into Guan Shen reach with custom pay tax in time the respect makes how? Finally, remind those the first time search declare at customs the company of travel, of most large-scale harbor and city declare at customs belong to all right a certain declare at customs committee. These professional committee are those who seek cooperation to declare at customs the service provided advantaged resource.
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