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The sort that the United States purchases and mode
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The supplier of a lot of China knows the sheet outside doing only, but total cent is not clear, the guest's sort and purchase mode, have a blurred vision, feel hard fully, provide the experience of my individual here, for managing the supplier understanding of American market of purpose.

Department store buyer (Department Store Buyer)-

They themselves can purchase department store of a lot of United States of all kinds product, different breed is in charge of by different purchase department. Bigger chain general merchandise is like Macy ′ S, JCPenny, etc, have oneself almost purchase a company to produce the market in each. General plant infiltrates very hard, they often choose their supplier through big trafficker, purchase a system into oneself. Purchase an amount big, the price asks to stabilize, buy a product every year change won't be too big, quality demand is very high. Allow easy commutation supplier not quite. Read American this locality for the most part exhibit, won't look to China personally exhibit.

Chain is large exceed business to sell (MART)-

Be like Woerma (WALMART, KMART. . ) etc, purchase an amount big, also have oneself purchase a company (BUYINGOFFICE) is producing the market, those who have oneself purchase a system, their susceptibility that purchases pair of market price division is very tall, product change demand is very big also, factory price is pressed very lowly, but the amount is very large. Development force is powerful, low-cost, the factory with abundant financing can attack the client of this type. Small plant had better maintain a distance, otherwise the capital of have enough to meet need of a piece of his order lets your be unable to stand, in case quality cannot be achieved examine goods standard, turned over hard.

Brand importer (Importer)-

It is replenish onr's stock is like him brand for the most part (Nike, samsonite) is waited a moment, they can search have dimensions, the plant with good quality falls sheet with OEM means directly, their profit is better, quality asks to have his level, order is stable, establish very long collaboration relationship with the factory. There is what more and more importers go to China to be on sale on the world at present will seek a firm, this is worth while medium or small the guest that the factory develops hard. Importer is in the business dimensions of its home is the referenced factor that they purchase amount and terms of payment, before deal. The website that can pass through them goes comprehending their actual strength. Even if essay card, organic also meeting is fostered into big client.

Jobber (Wholesaler)

Wholesale importer, they purchase specific product normally, deliver goods in what American home has him storehouse (WAREHOUSE) , sell their product through the exhibition, the amount is large; Price, the uniqueness of the product is the focal point that they note. This kind of guest compares price very easily, because their competitor sells goods in exhibition business together, so the otherness of the price and product wants very tall, if same product, so regular meeting because others price is inferior and run odd. Purchasing way basically is he look to China exhibit purchase.
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