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How does foreign trade person deal with exit drawback formalities
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After the carriage tool that 1. exports goods drawback enterprise to should export goods to lade in its does knot customs procedures, the drawback that the custom that declares at customs to its applies for to handle export goods is special customs declaration (buff) . Export goods deals with those who export formalities directly in port custom, deal with in port custom by the enterprise. Export goods turns after outback custom declares at customs close to port custom to export, outback custom turns in what get port custom after the requisition receipt that involve, just grant to deal with export goods drawback special customs declaration. Custom signs and issue export goods according to exporting the amount of goods, price actually to wait special customs declaration, press formulary collection certificate fee. Custom signs and issue export goods drawback the time of special customs declaration is: Lade since the day that speaks the carriage tool of goods to do knot customs procedures, inside 6 months that to customs clearance the sun of goods has.

Drawback of 2. conduction exit is exporting goods after actual leave a country, accordingly, after the export goods that stocks exit to superintend storehouse should wait for goods to extraction gives storehouse and install carry to lose tool leave a country, custom ability signs and issue outfit of export goods drawback to use customs declaration. Close carriage means to stock the goods that exports superintendency storehouse through turning, the enterprise should lade in goods after carriage tool leave a country, to place ground custom application deals with export goods drawback special customs declaration.

3. extraction exit keeps duty storehouse goods the sale gives home the company or 3 endowment the enterprise undertakes deep treatment product reappears of the mouth, the concerned regulation that custom machines by carry forward is dealt with, do not grant to sign export goods drawback special customs declaration.

The export goods drawback that 4. enterprise loses custom to sign and issue is special customs declaration can fill do, fill inside 6 months since the day that runs time to do knot custom to export superintendency formalities to export goods from this. Fill when doing, the enterprise should reach the ground that is in charge of its to export drawback first (city) national revenue application, after the tax authority had not dealt with drawback really via checking export goods, sign and issue " issue about application (fill do customs declaration) the report of the proof " . The enterprise gets " report " hind, should sign and issue custom to deal with formerly to export goods fill do entry. Custom by " report " drawback of goods of filling autograph export is special customs declaration.

5. enterprise is begun into makings treatment business export goods deals with exit drawback, branch of director of trade of the classics outside must be being held is approved, send the examine and verify of duty Wu branch that is in charge of its to export drawback lot order first, duty Wu branch chases a pen to register and Xerox keep for future reference. Custom is approved by what the branch is in charge of via trade outside having those who be in charge of seal of branch of Wu of exit drawback duty, just can deal with exit to expect " the manual that register " . The enterprise fails to carry out because of reason into makings treatment contract, need to hold former " the manual that register " or custom proves to be in charge of duty Wu branch to deal with cancel formalities.
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