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Export sale pre-construction
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1, foreign trade branch establishs a group

Purchase goods by panel staff, finish the following concerned item.

2, authority of imports and exports applies for (15-20 workaday time) ; Open foreign currency account. (inspect company condition, also can cooperate with foreign trade company first half an year, apply for imports and exports to counterpoise again later)

3, choice of office of foreign trade department, buy office desk and chair, of the sign of foreign trade ministry that mark has Sino-British form of a written or printed character make.

4, office things is bought

14 " fluid shows computer, open international long-distance telephone call, fax, make duplicate scanning equipment (recommend a fax to hit answer sweep unifinication machine, volume small price is low be less than 2000 yuan) , file box, folder, black a stiff-haired writing brush, imprint the daily office that the company looks up uses paper, jotter (company meeting record is used) , calculator, sizy, stapler, many A4 duplicating paper, digital camera, sample is deposited hold gift concurrently to deposit ark, thick pen (use at sample to wrap mount address to wait) , the ornamental such as office flowerpot, sample tagboard, sample wraps bagging. Manager or the ear wheat video that the clerk asks photograph the content that in resembling first class and real work, complements according to need.

5, personnel is deployed

At the beginning of holding water, a manager and 2-3 clerk (company dimensions is in in minor administrative levels, a polished rod commanding officer that has experience also but) , after portfolio increases, consider to add only evidence again, with sheet or lieutenant. Of short duration is finished independently severally by manager and clerk from accept the order to follow sheet, connection goods is acting, run the complete set business such as the bank (individual proposal, likelihood such not quite form very easily each does things in his own way, contend for grab business, the circumstance that each other does not help)

6, the sectional regulations system with whole compose

Check on work attendance, week holiday, spring Festival of 51 National Day grows a holiday, encourage kind of pay deduct a percentage from a sum of money, offer the valuable additional money reward that suggest or highlights contribution to the company, prohibit the net talks about game to listen to music to wait.

After should look to the clerk and agreeing, the regulations system of sectional system and company signs.

7, form manages related the branch make; Working middling uses form build beforehand

Former if the clerk is versed in action is tasted explain get a watch to wait; Latter is like watch of English of company basic message, basic material English expresses the product, client information data runs a list, fax a format, client satisfaction spends questionnaire end of the year, card of festal greeting electron after be, the job of in an orderly way of in a planned way prepares.
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