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Cade develops Wei lane successfully high speed produces unit
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Unit of special production of PE-RT of first high speed of domestic is in Wei lane Cade is plastic and mechanical limited company gets offline smoothly, the success of this one aircrew is developed, ended product line of high speed of domain of our country plastic treatment to depend on the situation of the entrance, this is in our country is plastic the sense that there is milepost type on industrial history. Wei lane Cade is plastic and mechanical limited company is a collect plastic and mechanical research, development, production, sale, in recent years at the high-tech enterprise of an organic whole the company depends on abundant technical actual strength, perfect innovation system and advanced technology to tackle key problem ability, captured multinomial worry is plastic the technical difficult problem that machines a bound, grind early or late give out EVOH multiple tube unit of lumber of canal of PE-RT of lumber unit, high speed, fill domestic multinomial technology is blank. Promoted plastic treatment industry span type develops. Wei lane plastic and mechanical limited company uses Cade international advanced technique, on the foundation of devoted and vast labor power, material resources, through a few years hard skill tackles key problem, grind eventually give out the PE-RT high speed that has own intellectual property to produce unit. This aircrew is used efficient extruder, not only interest is changed at the model with plastic fast stability crowded piece, and disassemble convenient and quick; Machine canister is construction of two paragraphs of type, deserve to be fed compulsively makings paragraph, circular water is cooling; Modular head is the special structure of special design, special vacuum decides the high speed that and used company original creation first designs diameter device, the high speed that realized 30m/min thereby is squeezed smoothly piece, make high speed PE-RT is in charge of material to produce a technology to reach new height, we have reason to believe limited company of triumphant heart plastic machinery lifted Wei lane the historical new page that PE-RT high speed produces!