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6 years indium ingot exit resides Liuzhou individual commodity first place
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According to custom statistic, ingot of Liuzhou port indium exported the forehead to be 42.49 million dollar 2006, grow 8.14 than 2005 times, jump first place of forehead of export trade of merchandise of individual event of house Liuzhou port.

As we have learned, indium ingot is to be used at making the important material of source of low frit alloy, bearing alloy, semiconductor, lighting. Exit of ingot of Liuzhou port indium presents the following characteristic: It is indium ingot is given priority to with exit of means of trade of processing with customer's material, exit of general trade pattern is complementary. 2 be produce indium ingot with Liuzhou the country of export trade come-and-go (area) basically come from an Asia. The biggest consumption ground is Chinese Hong Kong and Japan, export respectively 27.03 million dollar and 13.85 million dollar, grow 10 times with 13 times; 3 it is to machine exit private enterprise to take dominant place, state-owned company growth is driving. Treatment of indium ingot exit basically comes from Yu Liu city and guest two city state-owned, private enterprise, among them the private enterprise exports indium ingot 21.82 million dollar, state-owned company exports indium ingot 12.83 million dollar.