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Solve the slack problem that aluminous model manages
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Plastic alloy pipe fitting uses beautiful abundant card to German advanced technique and treatment technology development are developed and be become, the product is used enhance modified plastic alloy steel matchs for raw material with a variety of auxiliary, be able to bear or endure microtherm and high temperature resistant wait for raw material trial-produce and become. Show according to definitive data, the ageing of this kinds of complex raw material period more than 50 years, , via national chemistry center of building materials test detects eligible, already submitted to to hold national patent product.

"Beautiful abundant card " high-powered pipe fitting is solved thoroughly " the leakage problem of cupreous pipe fitting " cause aluminous model multiple tube and pipe fitting to use again turn sex revolution, be in especially high temperature, low temperature, strong soda acid, smeary wait for harsh use environment to fall to be able to reflect its more good performance.

The product is applicable: Aluminous model multiple tube, cross-linking gets together second thin tube.