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Chengdu general benefit blocks metallic bushing limited company to introduce foreign advanced technique and device, development production has international of advanced level newest can flinch metallic wire cable protects bushing. This product is material of burgeoning wire cable protection, it is the replacement product of bushing of protection of cable of our country wire. This product uses international CEI/IEC614-2-6 " wiring is in charge of with electrical wiring " metric system is built, and accord with standard of JG/T3053-1998 of occupation standard of industry of construction of People's Republic of China.
This product can apply extensively in project of construction of large and advanced course, for example installation of Electromechanical of hydroelectric station workshop, the circuitry of supervisory system of hydroelectric station large dams is installed, the tunnel lighting of the freeway reachs monitoring project, urban subway illume reachs the application of supervisory system, the illume of bridge buries distribution beforehand, of urban construction project bury beforehand, build project illume distribution, airport illume distribution reachs supervisory system, the circuitry of car of large scale computer is protected, the circuitry of large car installs protection, municipal facilities, the circuitry of sewage treatment plant buries construction beforehand, transformer substation circuitry installs the domain such as construction.
1. Take whorl oneself, join is convenient: Bushing has whorl to form, do not need to carry whorl, no matter be in,cut off anyplace, can provide the reliably link such as equipment, electric machinery with connector and electrical wiring. Although interiorly is tectonic complex space, have can fast simple tubing.
2. Be able to bear or endure shake is able to bear or endure water, strength is good: The characteristic that goes up with the structure character as a result of material, this canal department belongs to flexibility to run series, so aseismatic, be able to bear or endure vibrational can exceedingly good, bushing uses pure wood pulp be able to bear or endure the lining material that water and electricity is versed in insulating paper is bushing, have be able to bear or endure the characteristic of water, in the structural frame that can bury its in concrete beforehand, protective wire cable is not damaged kill
3. Length is not restricted, construction is efficient: This canal length is unlimited, can ask by tubing intercept has economic tubing time, wait for a lot of economy characteristics without loss of more than short head, when the building decorates installation, can save man-hour 40-90% , work efficiency can improve in industry of shipbuilding, elevator 6 times.
4. Cut off simple, treatment is easy: With knife of special bushing cut, cut off simply, section is very bright and clean and orderly, do not need to use curium, the tool such as vice. Also do not need to undertake machining to cut, do not need to carry carry the whorl tool, machine that fold a turn to wait, be in with caliper and knife only the spot conveniently construction
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