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New-style to drainpipe
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My company is the large company that Shandong province major produces Shuang Bibo grain to be in charge of, the product has ripple of HDPE double wall to be in charge of (200-1000mm) , HDPE is hollow twine a canal (300-1600mm) , ripple of UPVC double wall is in charge of (110-500mm) , PE service pipe (25-630mm) , metal strip enhances moire canal (800-1600) .
The product can be used at water supply project, water of division of blowdown of municipal construction catchment, village, farm irrigates, saline land is transformed, liquid of ventilated, chemical industry carries mine, golf field construction, the many domains such as tap water project, have service life to grow, yi An is installed, integral cost is low advantage, it is traditional optimal tubal material new-style replace a product. Ripple of double wall of my company HDPE was in charge of flourish to obtain a country to avoid check product 2006. The product assures quality, factory price is supplied, sincere letter cooperates. Connect a telephone call: 13583387668, fax: 0533-2620707.