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Produce per year ripple of double wall of 100 thousand tons of HDPE to be in cha
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Cheek tells limited company tubal line of business is the modern large company that a major produces municipal project to use plastic pipeline. Company volume research and development, production, sale at a suit, total assets 390 million yuan of RMBs, have plant area of modernization of 150 thousand much square metre, 16 international are top-ranking and advanced product line, year of productivity of product of conduit of of all kinds HDPE already amounted to 100 thousand tons of above, produce can dimensions occupies front row of a person of same business firmly.
Content sheds a division people it is cheek the management advantage with the advantaged course of study that open a valve. The company is located in Heibei wide smooth, be located in advance, look forward to, rash, comfort 4 provinces have a common boundary, proximate railroad of aid of 309 nations line, Han, Beijing bead freeway, have high level to offer goods capability continuously.
Character safeguard is the life bottom line that cheek opens development tubal line of business. The company took the lead in passing ISO9001 inside course of study: Attestation of system of management of environment of attestation of system of 2000 quality management, ISO14001 and safety of OHSAS18001 profession health manage systematic three-in-one attestation, product quality obtains a person of same business advanced level, the company is unit of unit of director of association of industry of Chinese plastic treatment, Chinese anticorrosive academician at present, heibei saves company of new and high technology.
Choice cheek is connected, choose win-win, having the company of deep society sense of responsibility as, cheek is connected be willing to will have all sorts of resource and colleague of social all circles to share, welcome you to visit guidance to the company wholeheartedly, cheek is connected wish to form value community with you, form mechanism of mutual benefit win-win, implementation develops jointly.