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Strengthen supervise product of 3 kinds of building materials to want 3C attesta
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National attestation approbated supervisory management committee to release 2004 the 6th announcement, the decision will remove coating of pair of dissolvent carpentry, porcelain to pledge brick and concrete antifreeze are decorated 3 kinds on May 1 from this year decorate a product to carry out mandatory product certification (abbreviation CCC attestation, call 3C attestation) again.
The reporter examines from Shenzhen quarantine bureau learns, will rise on August 1 from next year, will decorate material to carry out 3 management to 3 kinds of afore-mentioned adornment: It is to carry out enter a country test and verify and mark are checked; 2 it is the examination that avoids attestation doing 3C; 3 it is catalog confirms the work. Did not obtain mandatory product certification certificate and did not add China mandatory 3 kinds of afore-mentioned adornment that attestation indicates decorate a product, must not go out factory, sale, entrance or use in other management activity.