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Regulation of construction project quality (one)
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Build project quality regulation

The State Council of People's Republic of China makes
The 279th
" regulation of construction project quality " already the 25th times standing conference passed the State Council on January 10, 2000, grant to release now, apply since released day.
Premier Zhu 镕ji

General principles of the first chapter
The first is opposite to strengthen the management that builds project mass, assure to build project mass, protect people life and belongings security, basis " People's Republic of China builds a way " , enact this ordinance.
The 2nd every is engaged in those who build a project building in churchyard of People's Republic of China, extend, rebuild wait for concerned activity to reach those who carry out pair of construction project quality to control government, must abide by this byelaw.
This byelaw place says to build a project, it is to point to project of civil engineering, construction, circuit conduit and equipment installation project and decorate a project.
Unit of manage of inspect of unit of the 3rd construction, reconnaissance unit, design unit, construction unit, project is opposite lawfully construction project quality is responsible.
Branch of director of administration of construction of government of people of above of class of the 4th county and other concerned department ought to strengthen pair of construction the supervisory management of project quality.
The 5th is engaged in building project activity, must execute infrastructure order strictly, hold to first reconnaissance, hind design, again the principle of construction.
Government of people of prefectural class above and its must not surmount attributive to examine and approve construction project about the branch or do sth without authorization simplifies infrastructure program.
The 6th country is encouraged use advanced science and technology and administrative method, improve construction project quality.
The 2nd chapter builds the quality responsibility of the unit and obligation
Unit of the 7th construction ought to include project hair the unit that has corresponding aptitude order and degree.
Construction unit is not gotten construction project dismemberment sends a package.
Unit of the 8th construction ought to is opposite lawfully manage of the reconnaissance of project project, design, construction, inspect and the important equipment that concern with project, material purchase undertake invite public bidding.
Unit of the 9th construction must manage to inspect of concerned reconnaissance, design, construction, project wait for an unit to provide the source that concerns with construction project.
Source must true, accurate, all ready.
Unit of bag of hair of project of the 10th construction must not be forced contract square with the price contest under cost mark, do not compress reasonable time limit for a project arbitrarily.
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