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Regulation of construction project quality (3)
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The 70th produces accident of major project quality to conceal not newspaper, give false information is protracted perhaps of report deadline, to the director that is in charge of directly personnel and other responsibility personnel give disciplinary sanction lawfully.
The 71st violates this byelaw regulation, the branch such as fire control of water supply, power supply, air feed, public security or unit bright show or the suggestion builds an unit or the housing materials that the production that construction unit buys his to appoint supplies an unit. Build compose fittings and facility, instruct correct.
The 72nd violates this byelaw regulation, registered Architect, register structural engineer, inspect manage engineer to wait register hold personnel of course of study causes quality accident because of fault, instruct stop hold course of study 1 year; Cause great quality accident, revoke hold job seniority certificate, 5 years less than does not grant to register; The clue is particularly abominable, lifelong do not grant to register.
This byelaw sets the 73rd according to, give an unit amerce punishment, the director staff that is in charge of directly to the unit and amount of amerce of unit of department of personnel of other and direct responsibility 5% above 10% the following amerce.
Unit of manage of inspect of unit of the 74th construction, design unit, construction unit, project violates national regulation, reduce project quality level, cause great and safe accident, make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully to direct responsibility personnel.
This the 75th byelaw sets instruct close down to rectify, reduce the administrative punishment of aptitude grade and revoke intelligence letter, by the office decision that issues intelligence letter; Other administration is punished, by branch of construction administration director legal powers and authorities of office decides according to of other perhaps concerned department.
This byelaw sets according to by revoke intelligence letter, by industrial and commercial administration ministry gantry crane sells his to do business charter.
Working personnel of office of the 76th state controls government in construction project quality in the job fraud of derelict, misuse of authority, practise favouritism, make crime, investigate criminal duty lawfully; Still do not make crime, give disciplinary sanction lawfully.
Because the staff member of unit of manage of inspect of the 77th construction, reconnaissance, design, construction, project is brought into play the job, emeritus after waiting for a reason to leave this unit, the country is disobeyed to concern construction project quality to administer a regulation during be being discovered in this the unit works, cause accident of major project quality, still ought to investigate legal duty lawfully.
Supplementary articles of the 9th chapter
This the 78th byelaw place says dismemberment sends a package, it is to point to construction unit general ought to contract by the construction project that the unit completes decomposes a certain number of part hair to wrap those who differ to contract the behavior of the unit.
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