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Detail acceptance of work is normative
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Detail project

11.1 general provisions

11.1.1 Zhang Kuo are covered with wooden door window, the construction of cabinet of curtain box of window, fixed ark, the installation that make that protects the detail project such as column, armrest, ornamental design.

11.1.2 detail project already should be finished in take cover engineering and experience accepts junior travel.

The fixed ark cabinet of 11.1.3 frame structure uses tenon connection. The fixed ark cabinet of board type construction uses special connection join.

After 11.1.4 fine wood act the role of face plate to install, answer to brush priming paint instantly.

The fixed ambry of 11.1.5 damp place, wooden door is covered should do moistureproof processing.

11.1.6 protect column, armrest to should use solid, fast data, can bear the horizontal load that the standard allows.

11.1.7 armrest height should not be less than 0.90m, the height that protect column should not be less than 1.05m, baluster span should not be more than 0.11m.

The room with 11.1.8 bigger humidity, must not use the gesso ornamental design without waterproof processing, paper quality ornamental design to wait.

After installation of 11.1.9 ornamental design ends, should take finished product safeguard.

Quality of 11.2 main material asks

The formaldehyde content of 11.2.1 man-made board, adhesive should accord with a country the concerned regulation of active standard, due product certificate of conformity.

11.2.2 lumber moisture content should accord with a country the concerned regulation of active standard.

11.3 construction want a place

The making installation that window of 11.3.1 wood door covers should accord with following regulation:

Mouth of ① door an opening in a wall should Founder is perpendicular, bury wooden brick to should accord with design requirement beforehand, should undertake anticorrosive processing.

② is mixed according to line of center of window of dimension of mouth of a cave, door positional line, make the framework that put bar should do anticorrosive processing with Fang Mu, the horizontal stroke fills the seat must with bury a positional coincide beforehand.

③ puts aside bar framework to answer level off is firm, exterior plane. Installation puts aside bar framework to answer upright and foursquare, outside giving board face thickness except obligate, the clearance between the brick should fill up the framework that put bar and wood with wood, link is firm. When installation mouth of a cave puts bar framework, go up first commonly the two side after end, framework of upside of mouth of a cave should join with fastener firm.

④ and the basic level with wall corresponding body board board face should undertake anticorrosive processing, basic level board is installed should firm.
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