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9 years Muscovite building materials exhibits building materials of meeting MOSB
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9 years Muscovite building materials exhibits building materials of meeting MOSBUILD/ hamster / Russia building materials is exhibited meeting
One, exhibition brief introduction:
Extend meeting time: On March 31, 2009 - will exhibit meeting site on April 3: The Muscovite center that exhibit a house / Crocus exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: ITE exhibits company China group to exhibit: Be filled with in Beijing exhibit international business affairs to serve limited company
Exhibition of building materials of Russia Moscow international exhibits a company to sponsor by the ITE with famous England, it is Russia dimensions has the integrated building materials of consequence to exhibit most greatly most, hold every year, cent defends hardware of window of bath, door, building, horticultural establishment, heating to heat for pottery and porcelain wait for 7 major to exhibit. Exhibited an area 2008 120, 000 smooth rice, showpiece net area 87500 square metre, the ginseng that comes from Russia, Germany, Italy, China, Spain exhibits an enterprise to exceed 3000. Among them China postpones business 321, outside exhibiting house and Crocus exhibition center to exhibit a house to all be enabled except Muscovite exhibition center, because still cannot satisfy ginseng of each country enterprise to extend a requirement, additional still open up the house is exhibited outdoor accumulate face to face, accompany have spot show, atmosphere is very enthusiastic. As Russia economy form improve, demand of market of Russian building materials is driving. Russia dweller is taller to building residential demand, estate market is entered active period, before the building area that nearly two years Russia develops already was equivalent to 10 years even summation of 20 years, together with Russia has large quantities of building inside and outside to decorate ageing, breed of housing materials design and color is onefold, be badly in need of a large number of entrances. According to statistic, russia defends equipment, heating equipment, building to decorate condole of the material that use stone, clapboard to carry window of door of steel of material, wallpaper, floor, model and metallic hardware on the head to hutch demand day increases gradually, the phenomenon that a lot of areas appear to be in short supply for goods. Building materials product of China is favorring with cheap and fine advantage by local. Develop Russia market to promote the business inside domain of our country building materials, enlarge building materials product to export, my company will continue to form a delegation enter exhibition of Russia international building materials.
2, content of item on display:
MosBuild 2009 (Expocenter exhibits a house)
1, housing materials and equipment: Safety of appliance of system of product of hardware of tool of raw material of of all kinds building materials, building and equipment, of all kinds building, coating, paint, conduit and accessory, power, illume and equipment, building, service;
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