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Brazilian building materials was exhibited 2009 meeting / South-American buildin
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Brazilian building materials was exhibited 2009 meeting / South-American building materials is exhibited / Brazilian building materials is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of Brazilian international building materials exhibits time: 24-28 day will nod showpiece in March 2009: Anbembi Park of Paul of Brazilian ● emperor exhibits a house
Exposition of building materials of Brazilian international building is Brazil and even South-American area trade of the largest building materials trade negotiates meeting. Should exhibit the Alcantara Machdo that can have actual strength most by Brazil to exhibit company and encourage to exhibit a group to be sponsorred jointly, since was held first 1990, had become enterprise of global building materials to march the essential commerce platform of Brazil and latin america market, exhibit the attention that can draw Brazil, Argentine, Mexico, United States and even global each district to buy the home. Brazilian mouth is amounted to 180 million, gross National Product of average per capita is on latin america first place. Build the material of industry chamber of commerce according to Brazil, because Brazilian government builds a domain to increase number in the foundation,one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight dollars are thrown, the personage inside Brazilian bldg. holds upbeat mood to Brazilian bldg. future. Brazil built the market to hold the share of close half of Latin America market, build in the industry of a few years of Brazil in the past with annual the speed of 20% increases by degrees, building expenses gross of Brazil exceeded 130 billion dollar 2006. Brazil and South-American area are area of Chinese key exit, but the Chinese industry mining that the product of Chinese building materials of cheap of qualitative actor price still expects to have actual strength in the latent capacity of South-American market, be filled with in Beijing exhibit the bridge that will exhibit an enterprise to build development market to join. Exhibit finite, develop the business of South-American market of purpose, sign up as early as possible please!
Previous term or session exhibits can review: Exhibited an area 2007 for 52, 000 square metre, 728 ginseng that come from 33 countries such as the United States, Canada, China, Germany, Italy and Israel exhibited a Trade Fair to give newest housing materials product and technology. Recieve in all inside exhibition period of 5 days 170, 000 Brazil reach audience of global each district.
2, main item on display:
Housing materials: Stone material, pottery and porcelain, rolled steel, nonferrous metal, lumber, ceramic tile, floor and carpet, gesso, linoleum, thick fine hair, pave a road material, cement, concrete, paint, lime, lumber, glass, wall paper and wallboard are enchased etc; Building illume; The door, window, glass; System of security of housetop, fire prevention
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