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2008 exhibition of Japanese building materials / Tokyo stone material is exhibit
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2008 exhibition of Japanese building materials / Tokyo stone material is exhibited meeting / Japanese building materials is exhibited meeting
This exhibiting can apply for allowance of medium and small businesses
One, postpone meeting introduction:
1, exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of building materials of Japanese Tokyo international (JAPAN HOME AND BUILDING SHOW2008)
2, extend meeting date: In November 2008 12---14 days
3, exhibit meeting site: Japanese Tokyo has bright international to exhibit a center
4, exhibit meeting cycle: Annual
5, postpone meeting brief introduction: 2008 thirtieth exhibition of Japan border building materials leads association to sponsor by commonalty day instinct, an authority that is the respect such as tool of hardware of tile of floor of Japanese bamboo wood, pottery and porcelain, building, granite is exhibited meeting, this exhibiting the meeting is only right professional audience is open, according to the organizing committee statistic reported 2005, ginseng attending the meeting postpones business in all 650, 1100 stall, its China border postpones business 134, 221 stall, the professional visiting staff that attend the meeting is amounted to 95, 564 people, whole exhibit can obtain clinch a deal goodly the effect. In last few years, japanese government adopts a lot of and strong economy to reform policy, the course is adjusted actively, economy is anabiosising, the complementary sex of Sino-Japanese economy increases increasingly, sino-Japanese last year the gross of trading business volume between exceeds the United States again, hold in Japanese foreign trade the first. Should exhibit an organizing committee to predict to will have Japan and world each district many 100 thousand professional trade public figure comes round to look around, refer of be in harmony clinchs a deal. Japanese economy gross ranks the world the 2nd, it is the important and companionate country of our country foreign trade, accordingly we believe to should be exhibited will develop Japanese market for the enterprise, know and consolidate new old client, offer the good opportunity of a rare.
6, limits of item on display:
Material of body of material of products of gel of carpet of floor of wood of ceramic tile of A, pottery and porcelain, bamboo, wall paper, building, adhesive, paper quality, wall;
Material of goods, stone processes all sorts of material of B, granite, marble waste, marble, granitic plank, stone material stone carving of tool, abrasive is tasted, original rock, building uses stone, garden and building to use stone material to wait for relevant product Shi Caisheng is produced, computer design and relevant support features.
Lamp of C, lamps and lanterns is acted the role of, interior decoration material, glass and metal mold material, new-style building materials;
Tool of hardware of D, building, Wei Yujie is provided, establishment of material, kitchen, insulation material reachs safety of valve of door window, coating, pipe fitting, fire control equipment of equipment of equipment, environmental protection and things, galley equipment, construction machinery.
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