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Building materials of polish 2009 international is exhibited meeting / in Ou Jia
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Building materials of polish 2009 international is exhibited meeting / in Ou Jiancai is exhibited / polish building materials is exhibited meeting

One, postpone meeting introduction
Exhibit meeting name: Exhibition of building materials of polish 2009 international (BUDMA2009)
Time: In January 2009 20, 23 days
Exhibit meeting site: Polish, the international austral wave at present exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: The international austral wave at present shows a company
Hold cycle: Annual group of a China exhibits: Be filled with in Beijing exhibit limited company of international business affairs
BUDMA is the construction industry fair with Poland and even hamster the largest area, hold the international austral Fang Weibo at present to exhibit company and polish republic to build a department. BUDMA is exhibited basically can be to be aimed at building materials manufacturer. According to statistic, there is 3/4 about in joining the company that exhibit every year is building materials manufacturer, 1/4 it is trafficker. 2007, should exhibit can greet come from 26 countries and area in all 1, 300 enterprises, ginseng exhibit industry measure to compare toward have growth greatly; Among them polish place enterprise 931, overseas business 295, exhibit can exhibit an area to be amounted to in all 40, 292 square metre, in addition, professional audience amount was achieved 50, 280 people, and the participant of 88% can express satisfaction to should be being exhibited. Predict polish 2008 international builds exposition ginseng to exhibit business to will exceed 1400, exhibit an area to exceed 46000 square metre, the audience amounts to 60000 people.
Polish the Europe in be located in, population 3, 8 million, gross National Product of average per capita exceeds 4, 500 dollars, be equivalent to 4 times of China. At present national economy maintains relatively high speed develops, privately owned economy holds polish foreign trade 92% reach 89% . Foreign investment is brisk, main investment is centered in the domain such as building, building materials, machinery and food production. According to statistic, at present the total volume of trade in wave exceeds 5 billion U.S. dollor, in the building the domain such as hardware of equipment, building materials maintains rapid growth all the time.
2, reviewing of previous term or session:
Joined 2008 exhibit business to add up to 1, 295, the ginseng outside its China postpones business 327, come from 28 countries such as Austria, Belgian, White Russia, China, Czech, Finnish, Denmark, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, England, Wukelan and area respectively. Compare 2006, joined the amount that postpone business to grow 10% , exhibit an area to be amounted to in all 40, 125 square metre, attract the audience that comes from 34 countries in all 50, 544.
3, content of item on display:
★ housing materials () of hardware of material of body of material of products of gel of coating of stuff of metal of stainless steel of structure aluminous ability, building, building, paint, lumber, building, adhesive, paper quality, wall, building, floor, tile;
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