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Exhibition of Beijing of 2009 steel structure - the 9th China International buil
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Exhibition of Beijing of 2009 steel structure - the 9th China International builds steel structure exhibition

Sponsor an unit: China builds metallic structure society
China builds culture center
Undertake unit: China builds culture center
Time: 2009-06-18-20
Place: China International exhibits a center
Director: Du Zonghan
Vice director: Li Jianzhong, Xu Wenfeng, Lixing is built
Committee member: Fu Zhongyuan, Li Gang, Cai Yiyan, Xue Fa, Yin Min is amounted to, Chan Yinmu, Zhuzengyuan
Gao Haijian, Xie Zhenqing, Fang Chaoyang, Yan Jianguo, Guo Xingtang, Wang Jinhua, Zhu Relan
Lu Jian of pay a New Year call of Yuan Hengfang, Liu, Zou, Li Yanhua, Gu Wenjie
Secretary-general: Zhang Ailan
Deputy secretary-general: Xiong Chun
Contact: Mobile phone of Yan person of outstanding talent: 13520554363 010-88082435
Showpiece content (by exhibit division into districts to divide)
1. achievement exhibits an area (look forward to of celebrity, name, renown project)
Ground of 2. energy-saving section building (steel structure residence is pilot base of project, experiment)
3. is domestic and international technology of new-style house building (system of window of body of product of unit of new-style building design, construction, new-style structure, wall, roofing, door, sunshade) .
Safety of 4. building steel structure defends industrial system (coating, anticorrosive, heat preservation, adiabatic, waterproof, fire prevention is fireproof product and explosion proof technology) .
5. steel structure and steely product (project of steel of steel structure, light steel structure, colour, profiled bar, wire, plank, seamless steel tube, special rolled steel and steel rope lock, fastener, traffic weighs steel structure) .
6. space net wears velar structure (product of structure of company of construction of structure of firm of design of structure of project of net wearing construction, film, film, film) .
Industry of 7. stainless steel (cold hot-rolling stainless steel, stainless steel board, stainless steel machines equipment) .
Technology of form a complete set of treatment of 8. metal steel structure (metal, steel structure solders, cut, cast, numerical control technology and hardware are dynamoelectric tool)
9. harbor, bay, stage and abroad exhibit an area
10. design exhibits an area (technology of design of large and center of large place, conference, communal architectural and plan)
11. construction exhibits an area (demonstrative project of large construction company)
12. estate development exhibits an area
Ginseng exhibit expense
The standard exhibits (3*3m2) home: Abroad of 7800 yuan of RMBs: 2500 dollars
Smooth ground (hire since 36m2) : Home: 780 yuan / M2 abroad: 250 dollars / M2
Note: 1. The standard exhibits include following establishment: 3 (or two sides) exhibit board, negotiate one piece desk, negotiate twice electrical outlet of power source of a chair, common illume, 220V/5A, exhibit inside character of shop carpet, lintel board (company name) make.
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