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Fang Tairan enrages water heater to roll out " standard of S9 safety wisdom "
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What kind of water heater burning gas is just a clever water heater? What kind of water heater burning gas just accords with the development demand of the industry? Fang Taili annals ignites market of high end of gas water heater at marching with technical revolution, rolled out oneself " standard of S9 safe wisdom " . Above all, no matter be what kind of water heater burning gas, safety is first. Fang Tairan enrages water heater with " S " begin, all design concepts that state Fang Tairan enrages water heater are premise with safety, "9 " the 9 heavy wisdom that represented Fang Tairan to enrage water heater. Also be square too old with great concentration excogitates expert think tank " 9 intelligence accuse lukewarm technology " .

What can technology of these 9 core bring to our life again?

The first it is accurate constant temperature. Key of constant temperature effect looks use what kind of " proportioning valve burning gas " the rate that reachs its to react. It is OK that new-style constant temperature lights gas water heater water lukewarm fluctuant limits control is in 1 ° of ± C, such meetings make you more comfortable in the process of bath.

The 2nd, efficient and energy-saving. Reflect not just in energy-saving respect in managing go up with gas, and even managing with water. Square too fan is next blast intelligence frequency conversion fan, the revolution of fan can as the supply self-correcting that burns gas, energy-saving effect is more apparent.

The 3rd, operation intelligence is changed. Lukewarm water heater burning gas operates Fang Taiheng to go to the lavatory simply, design human nature is changed.