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Technology of construction of heavy canal tunnel
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Excavate of 1. radical flooey: The equipment such as the crane that claw of the engine suction mud that can choose dredge of bailing bucket type, belt to cut slimy head or dredge, belt fights. Dredge of the head that cut mud is the dirt that digs to wanting dredge after undertaking agitate becomes a thick liquid mixing, suck. When putting pipeline to discharge mud like use float, of this kind of dredge perpendicular carry and the level is carried close, smaller to environmental influence. The dredge of bailing bucket type, crane that brings grab bucket is when perpendicular carriage clay, and the water supply in entering barge when clay discharge makes the same score what arise when carry away to spill over the metropolis is right the environment causes pollution.
2, fundamental construction: Have 3 kinds of different bases, europe uses spray generally arenaceous and note arenaceous foundation, the United States uses the gravel base of example strickle generally. (1) the gravel foundation of example strickle: The steel case that is used at North America commonly provides paragraph of channel. After geosyncline has been dug, one is spread on bottom land then thick arenaceous or gravel. Gravel and arenaceous granuality grading must suit with hydraulic condition photograph. This ply makes an appointment with 0.7m. The strickle of gravel foundation spends a requirement to be ± 3cm, this depends on local condition, arenaceous or the grading of gravel and use device. Strickle undertakes with an example, example comes down from the winch truck suspension on sliding stock, bearing of sliding stock edge moves in the orbit on two buoy. This equipment anchor is surely on the water that wants strickle part, the pensile height of example can adjust, in order to compensate the change of spring tide water level. Also can use the special equipment that makes by the principle of half dive. This kind of method allows example to arrive repeatedly directly on anchorage mound. (2) gush arenaceous foundation: Building what the first system of fir foundation uses is C&N law (Christiani&Nielson law) , although be used in channel to be in charge of paragraph go up the steel mast of scroll, with 3 when mast is linked together bordered pipe, these 3 pipe are introduced channel provides the space between paragraph of bottom and geosyncline. The biggest pipe inter, pass this pipe, arenaceous water mixture is sent channel to be in charge of by pump paragraph below. Be located in big pipe two pipe of two side absorb water again, form action of a kind of flow thereby, make arenaceous be in charge of in channel paragraph below with a kind precipitation of good demarcate and good pilot appearance comes down. Mast is located in channel to be in charge of paragraph above, can make pipe circles vertical axis roll, can achieve channel to so that move,provide paragraph of whole space below so pipe. Arenaceous average bead diameter is 0.5mm about. The chroma of arenaceous water mixture and eduction speed and ejective the diameter of formation arenaceous cake has immediate concern, must control well. (3) note arenaceous foundation: Arenaceous way of gush of this kind of method resembling is same pump sends an arenaceous water mixture to provide paragraph of space below in. Just not be to use portable mast system, be in charge of paragraph of motherboard to go up to allow poriferous opening in channel however, these orifice are in charge of Duan Li face to be linked together. Connect these orifice place to undertake filling up through channel from the bank when conduit arenaceous base when, won't affect shipping. Arenaceous water mixture goes out through paragraph of orifice pump pump inside is in charge of in channel, go fill channel provides paragraph of space below, till arenaceous caboodle channel of bring into contact with is in charge of paragraph till bottom. Be in charge of in channel so paragraph below the arenaceous cake that forms to expand. Of arenaceous cake interior hydraulic when exceeding the maximum that appoints beforehand, open next orifice, shut an orifice at the same time. Rate of this kind of method is rapid, can in the cram inside 24 hours a channel provides paragraph of whole space below, what can avoid to be in charge of deposit of paragraph of the generation after placing so is dangerous.
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