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Building adornment decorates administrative regulation
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Building adornment decorates administrative regulation

(build a the 46th order, on September 1, 1995)

General principles of the first chapter
The first decorates the management that decorate to strengthen pair of buildings, stimulative building decorates the development that decorates course of study, safeguard building decorates the legitimate rights and interests that decorates mobile party, ensure public safety, formulate sets originally.
The 2nd every is built, extend, rebuild project and wait for a building to original building, build content to undertake decorating decorating, all applicable this regulation.
Adornment of the building that has cultural relic to protect value, ancient architectural is decorated, according to is carried out about the regulation.
Stipulate the building adornment that weighs is decorated originally, it is to point to to make building, build thing inside, outside the space achieves particular environmental quality demand, use adornment decorates material, build an activity to the building, project that builds substance appearance and interior to undertake got-up handling.
What this regulation calls original building, it is to point to already obtained building droit letter and already invested use of all kinds building.
Adornment of person, use person, building decorates droit of the 3rd building safety of design unit, construction unit, quality supervises unit, construction inspect manage unit, building is safe appraisal unit, all ought to abide by this regulation.
Adornment of the 4th building is decorated ought to achieve security applicable, optimize environment, economy reasonable, accord with the concerned regulation such as town planning, fire control, power supply, environmental protection and standard.
The building adornment that administration of construction of the 5th the State Council is in charge of a branch to put in buccal government whole nation 's charge decorates the job.
Branch of director of administration of construction of government of people of place of prefectural class above puts in a mouth 's charge to manage the adornment inside area of politics of one's own profession to decorate the job.

The journal that the 2nd chapter builds adornment to decorate a project is built with the license
The 6th adornment that builds construction project decorates project and main body building to send a package jointly, executive construction ministry " project newspaper proposes administrative measure " . What send a package independently is large and medium-sized the adornment that builds a project decorates a project, craft asks adornment of generous of tall, project decorates a project, can consult executive construction ministry " project newspaper proposes administrative measure " .
The use person adornment of the 7th original building decorates a building, be recruited gets building fee the person agrees, sign an agreement. After clear adornment answering to decorate in the agreement reparative, tear open the content such as change and compensation.
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