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Beijing establishs standard of building materials market control
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Market of guild of Beijing building materials is current and professional meeting of first committee first time and " fulfil 5 check, the standard controls oneself " conference message, this committee is wearing what hand formulate unites " tentative standard of standard of market control of Beijing building materials " , perfect mechanism of self-discipline of standard of building materials market at be being mixed soundly with benefit, optimize service environment, current job health develops market of stimulative building materials. According to the market Liu Zhenbiao of secretary-general of current and professional committee discloses, brigadier of this one mark sends careful at tentative standard was being achieved before the bottom in March 2004, try out of give an official will be striven for before the bottom in April, will begin to be checked and accept by tentative standard July. Go up in the foundation of try out, ceaseless summary, perfect, rise, edited in December 2004 for official standard.

As we have learned, this standard applies to building materials, furniture, household, hardware, lamp to act the role of the market, its content involves the administrative standard of the market and autonomic action, highlight product quality system to build. Main content includes, building materials market control is normative, product quality administers a standard, business door management standard, assistant behavior standard.

This standard formulate job is in Beijing of the government sector entrust and below guidance, the expert inside constituent line of business and relevant market draft formulate, attach most importance to a dot with commodity quality. Will at special punish the 2nd phase begins hind, have bid of announce mark follow in a continuous line, exert oneself at the effect a permanent cure.

The conference still discusses passed market of Beijing building materials to shed convention of current job self-discipline, research straightens the problem such as order of market of normative building materials.