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How to deal with exporter to taste port to check
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Port is checked is to classics producing area discrepancy condition examines quarantine orgnaization is exported beforehand the export goods that check signs and issue exit merchandise inspection to trade card a certificate for drawing money, in allocate and transport when be being exported to port, because pass line-haul, the character, likelihood that pack is degenerative be damaged, must examine by port discrepancy condition quarantine orgnaization carries out port to check.

Port checks cent to plant circumstance: ① can check outer packing only to general merchandise, check the name of an article, mark, lot number, several whether with beforehand odd conform to of check certificate of approval; Check a bag to contain without damaged, pollution, water wet wait for abnormal condition. If discover the damage that pack may affect quality, or when having doubt to quality, should leave selective examination, character of examination at random. Every must sign and issue port discrepancy condition to examine quarantine orgnaization certificate or national discrepancy condition examine regulation of quarantine bureau proclaimed in writing needs to strengthen checked commodity, also must open a character of examination at random; ② is right perishable and changeful the commodity that reachs character to be not stabilized, divide outside checking outer packing, still must approve approve a character of examination at random. Should the basis is different commodity, different season, different project of circumstance counterpoise dot undertakes the sense organ examines; If discover what must examine further to character mutates, should extenuatory sample, examine by what the regulation undertakes concerned.

Perishable the limits of commodity, basically have aspic flesh birds kind, bright egg and egg make category, dairy produce kind, aquatic product category, casing kind, fresh fruit, the commodity such as greengrocery. Basically check bate, aspic eat by moth of bad, colour and lustre, odour, degenerative, mildew and rot, bug, pollution and goods lukewarm, car lukewarm or cabin is lukewarm etc.

The commodity with not stable character, for example leather shoes, potted, dry cell, basically check leather shoes to whether become moldy with raw material, tailor the respect has wait faultlessly; Can basically is checked have listen without Peng, rust listens, be out of shape, damaged; Dry cell checks voltage to wait a moment.

Afore-mentioned commodity, classics port checks discovery when the problem, should inform concerned unit of in time treatment arrange or serve as unqualified processing; Should contact the discrepancy condition that examines formerly to examine when necessary quarantine orgnaization makes a thorough investigation of the cause is common thrash out.

Classics port checks the commodity that does not have a problem, when exit changes testimony, should contrast clause of contract, L/C undertakes examine and verify, accord with those who set a requirement completely, give visa let sb pass. Condition of producing area discrepancy examines the commodity with quarantine not stable to character orgnaization, often should examine with condition of concerned port discrepancy quarantine orgnaization connection, so that the attention is checked. Port discrepancy condition examines bank of quarantine orgnaization speak or sing alternately checks the job to should be recorded in detail; Examine to concerned discrepancy condition regularly to the problem of discovery and foreign information quarantine orgnaization report. Each discrepancy condition examines quarantine orgnaization often should communicate examine technology and experience, check the sense organ examines look, so that unified control, prevent an outcome abhorrent circumstance.
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