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Condition of pass in and out is express it is how to undertake declaring at cust
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Declare at customs and check 1. is expressly ought to mix in office hours of custom of operation person seat superintend technically undertake inside the place. If need to be beyond custom office hours or be superintended technically,undertake beyond the place, need beforehand business gets custom to agree, offer indispensible office place and necessary establishment to custom free.

2. is entered of the condition express, 24 hours of indrawn custom after entering a country ought to be declared to deal with entry in carriage tool; Those who leave the country is express, conduction entry ought to close in before carriage tool leave a country 4 hours of Xiang Hai.

3. operation person runs express business of condition of pass in and out, ought to assume following obligation:

(1) submit in time to custom express an only card that passes place to need, data, what declare an acceptance of consignment according to the facts is express.

(2) the announcement closes, send a person pay or representative to close, send the tax payment of imports and exports with a person express pay. Leave the country to entering by the regulation express hand in plan cost, superintendency poundage to wait.

(3) outside the circumstance that allows except classics custom, ought to will superintend time limit inside express deposit superintend storehouse at the custom that establishs technically inside, and appropriate is custodial. Without custom license, not inside will superintend time limit express undertake assembling and unassemble, tear open, change again pack, extraction, distribute, shipment or have other operation. "Superintendency time limit " it is to point to into the condition is express from carriage tool Guan Shen signs up for Xiang Hai rise to stop to procedures of customs doing a form; Place is express from Xiang Hai Guan Shen newspaper rises to stop to carriage tool leave a country.

(4) custom is checked express before, operation person ought to is opposite express undertake classified. Custom is checked express when, operation person ought to send a staff member to show up, be in charge of be being moved expressly move, tear open, seal again pack etc.

(5) discovery is express in contain prohibit the article of place, do not get processing of do sth without authorization, ought to inform instantly and assist custom to undertake handling.

4. is divided outside having a regulation additionally, a, B, C3 kind express declare at customs by following regulation:

A kind express carry by KJ1 the odd, each express sheet that divide movement, bill deals with entry to custom customs declaration, always.

B, C carries by KJ2, KJ3 the odd, each express sheet that divide movement, bill deals with entry to custom customs declaration, always two kinds respectively.

The A that declares at customs by afore-mentioned regulations, B, C3 kind express, custom basis circumstance, can ask operation person provides the detailed and written data that concerns with article before article discharged.
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